Welcome to my Do-It-YourSelf ROV website. My name is Richard, 37 years old and I decided I wanted to build an underwater remote-operated-vehicle (ROV). On this website I will share my experiences.


Enjoy! and feel free to share back :-)


  1. Nate says:

    Great project and site. I look forward to seeing more, especially concerning Dr Depth software.

  2. Rich Allen from Delaware says:

    Hey – ur work is very interesting. i am building a 5000lb submersible floating island habitation model. i have been trying to find a good depth sensor so the island can control its own depth while submerged. if u are intersted in working on my project with me plz let me know!

  3. Jose Hernandez says:

    Funny I just recently started a project to do the same as you but using the a Pi and an android of some things. I was thinking of trying to make it untether. Hence I’m testing WIFI under water, if not i’m going to have to resort to some form of RF or a buoy. Also what did you end up using for the Pressure sensor?

    Project site

  4. Bob F says:

    I’m curious how you employed the fishfinder and GPS unit. Were they in the ROV? Were you looking at data in realtime or did the instruments just do their thing and you massaged the data later with Dr.Depth? What kind of power source did you use? Was it coming in via the cable or was power on board?
    I want to do depth soundings and mappings of our cove but not sure how to use the units you mentioned.

  5. Oldsirhippy says:

    You have built a great ROV.
    I have been looking for a pipe to house the camera and electronics in my ROV for sometime and can only find cast iron pipes for chimney flues. One advantage of these is that they come in 5″ and 6″ diameter.
    I was wondering where you found your aluminium pipe?

    Best wishes and I look forward to seeing more videos


  6. Serdar says:

    Hi, your project is really seems nice. I have also just started to make a ROV I like your body of the ROV. Can you give me details about the drive box and some drawings that I can produce my own drive box?? I am looking forward to your response immediately. Thanks for your helping in advance.

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