Tonight we went out for the first underwater test. We found a spot of ±26 meters deep in the local lake and lowered the ROV with no electronics onboard yet down in the water. After a few minutes of swimming and capturing it on our fishfinder (see pic) we raised the ROV and… we had water inside :-( not fully flooded but a little big of water, so we need to do some investigation of where the water is leaking in from.

Some things learned tonight;
- need better laptop screen that is actually visible in the sun.
- need to design cable management system to lower and bring back the ROV.

Mapping software
To figure out where the lower the ROV, I used a simple fishfinder (Garmin C300) and my Garmin Colorado handheld GPS. Both where connected to a laptop running Dr.Depth. Some awesome bit of software that logs all the data (depth, location, temperature) and maps this all automatically including full 3d Mapping of the lake floor.

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