I making the heart of my ROV from an aluminium tube. The inside diameter is 100mm and the wall is 5mm think, so in total diameter of 110mm and the tube is 200mm long. The window is 10mm thick plexiglass.

I made the front and back plates out of 10mm thick aluminium plates with my CNC machine. On the back I am working on making waterproof plugs. Not sure if they will work, will hopefully be able to test at 30meter depth in a week or so.


  1. Oystein says:

    Great project!

    Where did you buy the aluminium parts for the tube?

  2. anykey says:


    I got raw parts from a local metal store, http://www.metaalwinkel.nl/

    The back plate and plugs I made myself on my CNC machine and turning machine.

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